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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Most Disliked Youtube Videos in the world - Top Ten List

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1. Justin Bieber - Baby ft.Ludacris:

"Baby" is released as the lead single from Justin Bieber's Debut allbym My World 2.0. This song was written by bieber with Christopher Stewart and Terius Nash. It has the record of Most viewed youtube video from July 12, 2010 to November 24,2012 but after that Gangnam Style Surpassed it's views. It is the most disliked youtube video with 4 million plus dislikes.

Views: 1 Billion+
4 Million+

2. Friday- Rebacca Black:

"Friday" is the pop song by Rebecca back which is second most disliked video in youtube. The song was written and produced by Clarence Jey and patrice wison. This song Friday was actually removed from youtube in 2011 due to some disputes in between the producers and Black. At that time it has 167 million views and 3.1 Million Dislikes. Later it was reuploaded in Rebecca's official account, where it has 1.4 Million Dislikes standing as the second most disliked video in the youtube  History.

Views: 70 Million

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3.Miley Cyrus-Wreking Ball:

Wreking ball is a song from pop star Miey Cyrus. It was released on August 25,2013 by RCA Records but still it is the third most disliked video in the youtube. It has 694 Million Views in youtube in that it has 1 Million Dislikes in just 1 year of it's release.

Views: 694 Million


GANGNAM style is Korean Pop single by PSY. It was released on july in the year 2012. It is the most viewed video in the history of youtube and first video to cross 1 Billion Views. Now, it has more than 2 Billon+ views with 1 Million+ Dislikes. Which makes 4th place in the most disliked youtube video list.

Views: 2 Billion+

5.Miley Cyrus - We can't Stop:

Miley Cyrus's "We can't stop" is the fifth most disliked video with 1 Million plus dislikes. It was released on June 3,2013 by RCA Records as the pop Song. But it earns 2nd place at Billboard Hot 100.

Views: 435 Million
Dislikes: 1,058,262

6. Strong:

Strong is uploaded on Ricky Perry on his channel. He is an American politian and he is longest serving governor in Texas State History. Strong video has something related to religious beliefs which got over 7 lakh Dislikes in the youtube.

Views: 8 Million

7.Nicki Minaj -  Stupid Hoe:

"Stupid hoe" is the song by American Rapper Nicki Minaj written by both Minaj and Tina Dunham. It was produced by DJ diamond Kuts and pink Friday Productions released jointly under Young Money Entertainment, Cash Money Records and Universal Republic Records. It has dislikes over 7 Lakh plus in the youtube which makes 7 position in the list of most disliked video in the youtube.

Views: 84 Million

8. Rebacca Black - My Moment:

Rebacca Black's My Moment is a self empowerment to her first singe "Friday". It was written and Produced by Brandon Hamilton and Quinton Tolbert. She responded hardly to the haters who criticized her first album "Friday" Which gained mostly negative reviews from the Critics. It has about 7 lakh Dislikes in the Youtube.

Views: 39 Million

9. Justin Bieber - Boyfriend:

Justin Bieber Boyfriend was written by Mike Posner,Mason Levy,Matthew Musto and Justin Bieber and Produced by Mike Posner,MdL and Kuk Harrell.  With this album, Justin bieber has 2 videos in the list of mmost disliked youtube videos as it got about 6 lakh dislikes and the most watched TV serial in India is Chinnari Pellikuthuru.

Views: 344 million

10. PSY - Gentleman:

Gentle Man is a korean pop by PSY followed by the hit song "Gangnam Style". It is in 10th position now in the list of most disliked videos of youtube with 5 lakh+ dislikes.

Views: 721 Million

Playlist of Top 10 Disiked Videos in Youtube:

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