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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Extend Your Smart Phone Battery Life : Top 10 Tips / How To

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The top International Mobile Manufacturing Companies like Apple, Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia, HTC etc. are trying to produce the best smartphones to their customers. These smartphones are being operated through very impressive operating systems i.e. iOS, Android, Windows & Symbian etc. You can play games, listen music, make snaps and videos, surf internet, watch movies and connect via video chat with your love ones. The main question during making these operating systems is about the battery life of your smartphones. The life of smartphone battery is a question mark from company to end user. And every company tries to give maximum battery life to their smartphones. Due to the very attractive and impressive features smartphones are hot favorite product among users but on the other hand the battery life of smartphone always remained a big problem both for companies and users. Average battery life of a smartphone is 1-2 days after that you have to recharge the battery.
Till the time, the rapid progress of hardware industry not providing us a batter battery we have to save our smartphone batteries. We can manage the use of battery to save maximum energy of our battery to extend smartphone battery life. With the help of below top ten tips to extend smartphone battery life you can extend your smartphone battery life in a batter way.

Turn Off Vibration:

At that places where you don’t want to ring your pone, it is a good idea to put your phone on silent. You can get aware about income calls and sms without disturbing the atmosphere. But the places where ringer is not disturbing anyone, don’t put your phone on silent mod. Try maximum to turn off vibration because vibration uses much more battery as compared to ring tone. Other than profiles, smartphones have features to vibrate on touch and typing, keep these features disabled.

Lower your Screen Brightness:

Although we like brighter screens but this thing decrease your smartphone battery life very quickly. We have to use our phone frequently to call or check sms / emails. During these intervals screen brightness quickly consumes our battery and quickly drop our battery. If we set our smart phones on brightness as low as we can read everything normally this will surely extend smartphone battery life for more hours.

Less Screen Time-out Duration:

When we use our smartphones the screen remain bright for a predefined duration and after that it auto turns black. To extend smartphone battery life, this is good idea to set your Screen Time Out Duration at minimum time. Moreover locking your smartphone after use is an extra tip to extend smartphone battery life.

Power Off your Phone when not required:

Often we don’t need to use our phones for hours. Especially when we are sleeping or busy in some important work we don’t afford to use phones. I know this is some difficult task to power off your phones in these moments but if we turn off our phones in these moments we can maximum extend smartphone battery life. You can wonder that when we can recharge our battery then why we have to power off our phones in these moments, but you have to aware that every recharge cycle decrease the battery life of your smartphone. There are many apps available for free to auto power off/on your phone on specified schedule you can use one form them for this purpose. This would be a great achievement to extend smartphone battery life.

Re-Charge your battery correctly:

There are two type of batters are being used in smartphones 1. Lithium-ion (Li-Ion), 2. Nickel-based which are also called Nickel-Metal Hybrid & Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd). Nickel Cadmium battery’s charging capacity decreases every time when we recharge it. It is important to charge this type of battery when it is almost end. Li-Ion batters run prolong but to maintain their charging capacity these should be recharge frequently. So to extend smartphone battery life you should know the type of battery your phone holds.

Stop Unnecessary Applications :

Mostly we open an app but don’t feel necessary to close them. These opened apps works in background and consumes battery. To extend smartphone battery you have to close these application in proper way. Smartphone battery decreases its charging very quickly due to these running unnecessary applications. To close these unnecessary applications on your smart phone many task managers are available in the market without any cost. You can install any of them and extend smartphone battery life.

Keep GPS Services Off :

Some applications consumes much battery as compared to others. Especially the applications which works with satellite signals and send receive data to point your location i.e. Google Maps or other navigation apps. Keep running these apps consumes high rate of battery without any cause. Keeping these applications close or Turn Off your GPS Services can extend smartphone battery life for maximum time.

Turn Off Bluetooth, WiFi and Mobile Data or 3G Services

Each time when your smartphone search Bluetooth, WiFi, Mobile Data or 3G Signals it consumes battery. Especially in the areas where these signals are not exists or week there your phone search them strongly and use more battery. This scanning has a direct contact with your phone battery. So when not needed turn these services to extend smartphone battery for maximum time. However when you required these services and you are in a range of its signals you can activate these services and use them.

Keep Notifications Off :

When we are connected to an internet connection, sending / receiving of notifications continue. Often application updates, email receiving notifications, news alert, score updates, messenger notifications ring your phone whereas we like notifications from only our some desired services. These unnecessary notifications not only irritates us but also consumes a big part of our battery. Turn Off these unnecessary notifications is a special tip to extend smartphone battery life.

Keep your phone in cool atmosphere:

You may note the fact that your phone consumes use more batter in warm atmosphere. So try to avoid to keep your phone in direct sunlight or hot atmosphere. Often we keep our phones on front dashboard of vehicles where direct sunlight warm your phone due to which they consume more battery. Exactly like desktop computers smartphone also requires cool atmosphere to perform well. So keeping your phone in cool atmosphere can extend smartphone battery life.

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