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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Top 10 Cities to Visit in Mexico

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There are more than enough reasons to consider Mexico as your next vacation destination despite the bad publicity it gets from a number of visiting tourists. Some people perceive that this country is one of the dangerous places to visit. Yet, it has the greatest quantity of tourists in all of Latin America. It is perhaps because of its rich culture and historical landmarks or the lovely resorts on the Gulf of Mexico coast and that of the Pacific Ocean.

Traveling to Mexico is more affordable as compared to other countries, especially when it is not peak season. There are, also, travel packages to fit anyone’s preference and budget. Moreover, visiting most tourist attractions is free, making it ideal for those who are on a budget. Mexico has a wide range of dishes that vary by region. Most of these can only be found here.

The Best Cities to Visit

1) Mexico City

Here is where you can find Plaza de la Constitucion, the world’s second largest square and the heart of Mexico City’s historical quarter. Tourists will be amazed at the architectural mixture of the Metropolitana Cathedral plus the National Palace, where they will find murals that depict Mexican history.

2)  San Miguel de Allende

Located in Guanajato, it is a historical architectural gem with its Baroque churches, 18th century mansions, highly regarded Art Institutes, and a large Mercado, where you can discover a lot of cheap finds and rooftop restaurants.

3) Acapulco

This city is a well-known vacation destination, where celebrities like Marlon Brando, John Wayne, Demi Moore, Michael Jackson, and Sylvester Stallone used to have homes. At present, it continues to attract tourists with its appeal.

4) Merida

This is the largest among 4 cities, worldwide, with the same name. It is known for its diverse cultures and heritage. It boasts of different jaw-dropping sites, and tourists have a variety of choices, whether to visit colonial ruins, archeological sites or enjoying beach waves.

5) Guanajuato

Like the way its name sounds, this city exudes an air of mystery. Located in the ravine of the Sierra de Media Luna, it has narrow colonial streets, which are known for their iron work railings and balconies. This city is historically important to the independence of Mexico, and so it is jam-packed with tourists whenever this is celebrated. Another big celebration to attend is the Cervantino festival, every October.

6)  Morelia

This city is among the most beautiful colonial cities with its urban architecture. Walking about the city’s historic center will let you discover lots of museums, baroque style buildings, and grand cathedrals.

7) Monterrey

This is Mexico’s third largest city. It is known for great business opportunities and technology. This city has a lot of tourist spots, including museums, natural parks, theme parks, archeological sites, and climbing areas, to name a few.

8) San Cristobal de Las Casas

This beautiful colonial city is host to several festivals and has a lot of cathedrals, churches, and colonial houses, making it a perfect place to visit.

9) Oaxaca

This city is known for its wide variety of delicious chocolates. Also, there are lots of shopping places, Mexican cafes, and archeological sites like Monte Alban.

10) Campeche

This is where you can find 17th century Spanish built fortress walls. This city is a rare find since it is among the few colonial cities located on the beach.

Tourists find it easy to communicate with the Mexicans as most of the locals know how to speak English.  This will allow them to have a more enjoyable experience during their vacation.

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