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Friday, 17 April 2015

Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in the World

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It is always an exciting job to research travel destinations, especially those that are targeting the honeymooner market. Since the world is getting smaller thanks to the internet, the list below is very comprehensive in that it provides information on every corner of the globe.

In the research, there was not just information on climate such as what to pack for clothing but the many cultural and historical sites to explore in exotic locations. It adds to the activities for your trip instead of just baking your newly-wed self on the beach. For example, there is so much to see in Yucatan Mexico such as the Mayan ruins or the downtown districts of Mexico City has enough culture to make you forget you’re on a honeymoon. Though the tropics are the more popular choice, we found many affordable travel packages to Italy, France and even Mexico. Surprisingly Disney World was not on our list of honeymoon destinations but Mauritius was. Mauritius is probably the most remote corner of Earth and was still on our list of destinations with affordable rates.

Hawaii :

Hawaii is not only the only state that is actually an island but it is a tropical paradise where honeymooners can appreciate the exotic geography, amazing climate and still be able to not go souvenir shopping with a cheat sheet to help with the language barrier that one may encounter in another locale. Hawaii is relatively inexpensive and it is very near the equator so the climate is going to always be phenomenal. Hawaii also contains not only the steamy tropical rain forest but one can also explore cooler retreats such as smoking volcanoes like Mauna Loa, where snow may remain for several months a year.

Costa Rica :

Costa Rica is a land of tropical beaches and rain forest to further entice honeymooners of all ages to explore its beauty. One of the advantages of traveling to Costa Rica is that it is very close to the United States and much of the country is Americanized. There are many other familiar American past times such as McDonalds and other icons. Costa Rica is also where you will see many species of tropical wildlife such as leopards where you might otherwise assume they are only in the Amazon.

Tanzania :

An African safari for a honeymoon sounds like a unique and refreshing change of scenery from the standard tropical paradise or mountain cabin retreat. Tanzania contains Africa’s highest mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro, the largest lake in the continent and one of the best known wildlife safari parks; Serengeti National Park, which would make not only a great honeymoon destination but you will probably decide on photography as a new hobby from being there as well.

French Polynesia :

French Polynesia contains several tropical islands perfect for a romantic honeymoon getaway, most well known among the islands is Tahiti. You’ll appreciate the well developed tourist facilities so it will not look unsanitary. One thing to keep in mind is the currency used which is the CFP franc, however, some merchants may not always accept the US dollar. In any event, a surprise post wedding gift might be the famous black Tahitian pearls for which the country is famous.

Italy :

Whether you prefer to float in a small boat in the famous canals of Venice, visit the museums and Great Amphitheater in Rome or check out the ski areas in the Alps to the north, Italy can make for a very memorable honeymoon. The country is known for its warm friendly people and the food alone is well worth the destination of choice.

Fiji :

Fiji is a cluster of tropical islands perfectly suitable for an exotic honeymoon getaway and one of the primary attractions is not only the beautiful rain forest climate but that the majority of the country speaks English. You’ll find not only the populated tourist areas but also have the options of taking a smaller plane or boat and explore the many uninhabited islands as well.

Caribbean :

The Caribbean is among the more popular destinations for honeymooners and even just casual tourists. The relatively inexpensive airfare and accommodations to exotic locations like The Bahamas, The U.S. Virgin Islands and Jamaica make this an all time favorite. Also, many travel agencies provide excellent package deals to the destinations and the warm tropical climate, unique history, english speaking and close proximity to the U.S. are excellent reasons for the Caribbean as your choice.

Mexico :

The image of the colorful sombreros and clothing is enough for anyone to start thinking about a honeymoon to Mexico. There are many attractions offered for a honeymoon or even just a long weekend in Mexico. Heck, you can even drive there provided your vehicle has the ability to go long distances. Even still, travel agencies seem to always have excellent package deals to make your honeymoon complete to Mexico.

France :

France is definitely among the top destinations for a romantic honeymoon or just a European vacation. Honeymooners can either spend the entire trip in Paris, touring the many attractions and restaurants in the city itself or make a wine tour trip or visit to the Alps instead. It is definitely a country with a wide array of attractions.

Mauritius :

Though there are still many people, including honeymooners that have never heard of Mauritius before, it is in one of the most remote corners of Earth off the coast of Madagascar. It may be among the least likely places for the average honeymooner to want to visit. However the countries tropical climate, diverse culture and the fact the majority speaks French and English helps to make it an excellent destination.

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