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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Top Ten Luxurious Hotels in the world

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When there is a debate of world tour a comfortable and luxurious accommodation really means. Here under is a list of world’s Top Ten Luxurious Hotels which are most famous in the world. Some are famous by virtue of their old age and history and some are famous due to their architectural height and beauty than the others. With the help of this post of top ten Luxurious Hotels in the world, we’ll help our reader to find their ideal accommodation during their world tour.

In the list of top ten luxurious hotels in world, Beverly Wilshire, is at No. 01. Holding 395 luxurious guest rooms with 137 luxurious suites at the top of Rodeo Drive. Enjoy warm,  hospitable service. Beverly Wilshire Hotel started in 1928.  Hotel is situated at 9500 Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills, California.  A world class spa and fine dining restaurants is also a quality of this iconic Beverly Hills Hotel.

 2. Burj-Al-Arab, Dubai, UAE :

The one and only 7 Star Hotel in the world, Burj-al-Arab. With a hight of 1023 feet Burj-Al-Arab Dubai is the world’s 4th tallest hotel and it has an iconic shape of sail of a ship. Burj-Al-Arab Hotel is No. 02 in the list of top ten luxurious hotels in the world. Burj-Al-Arab is famous and well known because of its unique structure like Sydney’s Opera House. Burj built on an artificial island made in the sea. The Hotel contains Royal Suite @US$18716 per night, 202 Bedroom Suites. Other features are private elevator, cinema hall, beautiful carpets, unique marble flooring and rotating canopy bed.
3. Four Seasons, Hotel George V, Paris, France

Four Seasons Hotel George-V, Paris, has an eight storey building built in 1928. With 244 Luxury Guest Rooms, Decorated Galleries with natural Flowers, makes Four Seasons Hotel George-V, different from other hotels of the world. There are the gloriously palatial rooms, extravagantly ornate chandeliers, the ballroom, the balconies and the brocade that make this hotel a truly sumptuous place to stay. Hotel is ranked at No. 03 in top ten luxurious hotels in the world.

4. Hotel Cipriani, Venice, Italy :

Situated on an island of Giudecca in Nothern Italy, Hotel Cipriani is ranked at No. 04 in top ten luxurious hotels. It start its work on 26 may 1958. Later on, in 1976 hotel was sold out to Orient Express hotels Ltd.

5. Mena House Oberoi, Cairo, Egypt :

Mena House is one of the most attractive and impressive hotel in Cairo because of its beautiful history. Hotel with 40 acres beautiful gardens is ranked at No. 05 in top ten luxurious hotels. It is situated near Great Pyramids of Giza in Cairo. Specialities which make the hotel unique are its historical & luxurious interiors, hand crafted furniture, real work of art, rarely found in luxury hotels. Mena House has played host to Kings and Emperors, Head of States and Celebrities. To gaze upon the impressively beauty of Pyramids of Cairo, Mena House is the best Hotel for accommodation.

6. The Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok, Thailand :

135 year ago visitor starts travelling toward the Chao Phraya River to stay at the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok. Mandarin Oriental is a 5-star hotel located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, it build 1879. Its very impressive interior and most luxury suits made it 6th in top ten luxurious hotels of the world.

7. The Raffles, Singapore :

A Colonial Style Hotel in Singapore Raffles Hotel. It is built by two brothers, Parsia Matrin and Sarkies in 1887. Now the hotel is an icon of Singapore. Later on the hotel named as Stamford Raffles, the founder of modern Singapore. Raffles Hotel’s majestic suites, choice restaurants and bars, arts space Jubilee Hall, fashion boutiques, and lifestyle picks like spas makes it 7th in top ten luxurious hotels.

8. The Ritz London, England :

Ritz London a 5-star hotel situated in London, near Upscale Knights Bridge Area. Hotel started work on 24th May 1906.With 133 Guest Rooms Ritz has a seven story building with beautiful antique old style furniture. All kind of facilities of a luxury living style provided to their guests by the Hotel Management. Ritz stands on No. 08 in top ten luxurious hotels. 

9. Peal Continental Hotel Lahore :

One of the most innovative hotels of Pakistan, Peal Continental Hotel Lahore stood at No. 09 in top ten luxurious hotels of the world. Located on historical Mall Road Lahore. Sophisticated design and luxurious accommodations along with impressive surroundings the hotel is most recommended place to stay in Pakistan.

10. Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts, NYC, USA

Waldorf Astoria & Towers, New York is settled at number 10 in top ten luxurious hotels of the world. Hotel is situated in two buildings. First building was designed by Henry J. The present building is situated at 301 Park Avenue, Manhattan, which is a 47-story, 190.5 meters Art Deco landmark. This building was designed by Schultze and Weaver and dating from 1931.

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  1. awesome list and a good one to increase our general knowledge I hope I could visit any one of them in my life


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