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Monday, 28 September 2015

The Five Best Street Foods In Asia

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Asia countries are not just famous for white sand beaches and other beautiful nature spots. Asia has also a rich culture with different ethnics. Asia is also famous for its cuisine where you can find the best foods in the world. As a matter of fact, Asian Countries have different cuisine and types of food that loved by people around the world. One of the main attractions when you get to visit Asia is their street foods. Each country has its own street food to offer.

The first on the list of best street food is the Xiaolongbao that is found in Shanghai, China. This type of food is a staple of China’s dim sun tradition. It is a steamed bun with an innocuous little ball of dough that contains the bursting flavorful filling. Xiaolongbao in English means little buns in a steaming basket. Traditional xiaolongbao have fillings like pork and aspic wherein the meat stock gel are melting into broth when heated. This type of street food can be found all throughout the city of Shanghai.

Another best street food can be found in Vietnam. The Pho, is a street food that is native to Hanoi, Vietnam. This type of street food is now being exported to foreign countries like US and Canada. Pho is composed of a noodles, chicken or beef meat and garnishes like thai basil, lime, green onions and chilis. Pho became prominent only in past century contradicts to what others think. If you will look into it, Pho is just a typical noodles soup but what sets it different from others is the broth that is made by simmering the bones and tendons with charred ginger and onions, spices and seasonings.

Cambodia’s Num Pang is also considered as one of the best street foods in Asia. This type of food is a combination of French food and local ingredients created some astounding fusion fare. It is a combination of the local food banh mi with a touch of French baguettes, pate and mayonnaise and tosses in local chilis, deli meat and pickled vegetables that creates an arguably perfect sandwich. This best food is found along the streets of Phnom Penh Cambodia.

When it comes to street foods, Malaysia’s Penang Asam Laksa is also in the list of best foods. It is popularly associated with the Penang. Laksa’s are the spicy noodle soups or curries that are made with thick rice noodles. Penang Asam Laksa is a variation wherein it uses sour tamarind and mackerel to invoke its distinctive flavor.

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