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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Top Ten Dangerous Dogs Breeds around the World

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Dogs have always been the front runners among mankind’s favorite pets. But on certain unfortunate occasions, man’s best friend is capable of turning into your worst fear. Every year, 30 -40 cases of fatal dog attacks are reported in the US. The danger is higher in developing nations where stray dogs are a menace. However, pets have also been responsible for fatalities. In an effort to curb the danger, breed specific laws have been established in many countries. Proper training and care could exert a positive impact on a dog’s aggressiveness. But certain breeds have earned a bad reputation across the globe. Here is a list of top 10 dangerous breeds based on bite fatalities.

Top Ten Dangerous Dogs Breeds in World

10: St. Bernard

Originally bred for rescue in the Swiss Alps, these giants could be the least dangerous among the big dogs. With only 7 fatalities to their credit in a twenty year study, they have very passive temperaments and could be a danger mostly due to their massive size.

9: The Great Dane

According to American Veterinary Medical Association’s study, the Great Dane or German Mastiff takes the 9th position with a record of 7 fatalities. Also known as the Danish Hound, they are one of the tallest breeds with adults measuring up to 30 inches (76 cm). Initially bred for hunting, they could develop aggressiveness without proper training and care. With a sharp set of inches-long teeth and 150 lbs in weight, these hunters could be a danger especially around children.

8: Chow Chow

The comparatively smaller Chow Chow’s are extremely territorial and independent. They consider strangers as threats and are dangerously protective of their territory. Reported to have been responsible for 8 fatalities, these attention seekers are known to have attacked owners due to boredom or lack of exercise.

7: Doberman

The best guard dog breed is famed for its alertness, intelligence and loyalty. Specifically bred for guarding their masters, they can be dangerous towards perceived threats to their owners. The 9 fatalities caused them were notably results of their loyalty.

6: Malamutes

These Alaskans are often mistaken for their Siberian cousins. They are a very active breed and lack of exercise or boredom can result in their disobedience. Matured pets are mostly quiet and loyal to their masters. Bred as work dogs, they have passive temperaments but could be a threat due to their size, especially around children. They have been recorded responsible for 12 deaths in 20 years.

5: Wolf-Dog Hybrids

Wolf X’s are unsurprisingly the 5th most dangerous breed, with a record of 14 fatalities. Even after proper cross-breeding and training, their wolf instincts and prey drive make them dangerous as pets.

4: Husky

The Siberian breed is primarily used as sled dogs and is very active. Rated as one of the most intelligent canines in the world, improper training and disobedience issues are cited as reasons for the 15 deaths caused by them. They have a high prey drive and have sometimes mistaken children for prey.

3: German shepherd

Also known as the Alsatian, these large dogs are a fairly new breed developed for herding and guarding sheep. They are widely used by Police and military due to their strength, intelligence and obedience.  They are very friendly, but with their courage and natural instincts have caused 17 deaths in 2 decades.

2: Rottweiler

39 deaths have been attributed to one of the oldest herding breeds. Patient training and care is required to curb their prey drive. Commonly used as guard or guide dogs, their territorial instincts can make them aggressive.

1: Pit Bull

Known to be bred for the illegal sport of dog fighting, these fearless canines take the top spot with a record of 66 fatal attacks on humans in 20 years. They can lock their jaws onto the prey until its death. Many states in the US have banned the breeding of deadly Pit Bulls.

If you know any other famous or Infamous Dangerous Dog Breed around your place then do let us know by commenting below.



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