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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Top 10 Shocking Facts About Coca-Cola Company Products

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10. In the year 1995, Coca-Cola released a new poster campaign costing $2,00,000 which was used to promote the sleek reintroduction of their original glass bottle design. They named this campaign 'Feel the Curves'.

9. A 330 ml can contain so much sugar that it should make you vomit after the first 10 minutes of consumption. However, the Phosphoric Acid stops that from happening by reducing the sugary flavor.

8. Back in the day, Coca-Cola contained an estimated nine milligrams of cocaine in each glass. It was removed in 1903 and replaced the next using spent leaves.

7. In 2003, a health scare over pesticides caused legislators in India to call for a ban on Coco-Cola and Pepsi. The drink was said to have contained an amount up to 40 times higher than the permitted under EU Regulations, although Coco-Cola denied this. It was later proven that there were high levels of pesticide in Coco-Cola products manufactured in India. But this was due to the local water rather than Coco-Cola themselves.

6. In 2004, some Indian farmers were reported to be using Coca-Cola and Pepsi themselves as a cheaper alternative to pesticide. Conventional Pesticides costs them Rs.70 per acre whereas a Coca-Cola mix costs them around Rs.50.

5. In 2004, the Coca-Cola released a new brand of 'Pure' Bottled Water called Dasani to the United Kingdom which was said to have a 'highly sophisticated purification process'. This turned out to be reverse osmosis, an extremely common process used in most domestic water purification units. It was also revealed that the water contains 10 micro grams per liter of the Carcinogenic Chemical Bromate. Coca-Cola voluntarily withdrew this product later.

4. Coca-Cola was created / invented by John Pemberton in the year 1886 in the hope that it would wean him off the morphine that he took as a result of injuries from the American civil war. It was sold in Jacob's Pharmacy as a 'valuable brain tonic'. It proved to be extremely popular and sold it for 5 cents a glass.

3. A study found that individuals who drank around 1 liter a day had lower sperm concentration and quality than those who didn't.

2. In 2006, three people were arreseted after attempting to sell Coca-Cola's secret ingredients to Pepsi for $1.5 million.

1. New-Zealander Natasha Harris died at the age of 30 following a cardiac arrest. Family members were open about the woman's unhealthy addiction to Coca-Cola, saying she suffered a number of illnesses years before her death.



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